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      Album: Iration

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      Iration - Danger Música y Letra

      Hands behind your back
      Don’t move stick em up I told ya
      Bet ya never had it like that
      Looking down the barrel of a soldier
      Life comes at you fast when you’re broke down
      Cold all alone and piling up on you major
      Try not to listen to the voice in the back of your head
      Telling you you’re in danger
      [J Boog]
      Tuff like gorilla heavy n sharp like iron
      Physically mentally spiritually fit like a lion
      Never tell yourself you can’t do nothing
      Even di small axe can make the big tree buckle
      Fly fast like a speeding bullet
      Vybez stay red hot and cannot cool it
      Barriers no match for this big boy gunning wit the rock
      And just watch when mi go threw it
      Uh huh
      Hard times not strange to us
      Elevated with the best now they Envy us
      Stepping on out of the concrete and dust
      J Boog Iration dangerous!
      [Tyrone’s Jacket]
      The fire burning, the tides are turning
      And times of changing, in many nations
      Who really wants a war?
      Gotta get in where you fit in when you listen to the rhythm
      If you with it then you fight back
      One time worldwide let it light up
      Cultivatin’ the energy in the room, ceremony for the prophets
      Let it be known that it’s on; that it’s poppin’
      We unify and evolve in the process
      Sun is rising

      Iration - Danger Música y Letra



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