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      Thinkin' Bout Cops

      Thinkin' Bout Cops

      Slightly Stoopid

      Album: Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid

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      Slightly Stoopid - Thinkin' Bout Cops Música y Letra

      As the sun going down I’m thinking to myself*
      If this life is my heaven, why am I going through hell?
      And if there’s nothing at all then only time will tell,
      So I try to make money with these drugs that I sell.
      They try to put me in jail and police fine me,
      Can’t smoke (something), you know I gotta be free,
      I know that drinking and driving lead to DUI,
      So I try to stay sober I'm driving this high?
      Thinking bout cops and then one passes by,
      Don’t mean I got some fuckin' psychic mind,
      Looking for life before it passes by,
      When the time comes I will be ready to die,
      And I won’t love them once more, they try to kill you,
      Thinking of shit, you know they cannot refuse,
      They mark up on letters to inscribe me
      The girls that you know I will never find,
      Girls on the street ain't like the ones in my mind,
      And now I speak to my brother cause he speak the truth,
      When I like it girl, I'll fuckin' bust in two?

      Slightly Stoopid - Thinkin' Bout Cops Música y Letra



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