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      Down South

      Down South


      Album: Omaha Sessions

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      311 - Down South Música y Letra

      Let me take you down south
      Hear it from the dover's mouth
      The rhythm will make you want to move your body
      I had it once and never ever forgot it
      Feel the rhythm of rhapsody
      Your body moves in raw ecstasy
      Explosive eruption beyond compare
      Take my advice don't think twice
      Let me take you way down south
      Step back cuz the funk is here and
      The base is kickin' straight to your ear man
      Because it's like that, so don't talk back
      And if you do, then you're gonna get the back slap
      Down south, that's an enigma
      But to you, it's a stupid dumb stigma
      That's right, it's outta sight 
      Let me tell you 'bout my baby
      She loves me, don't mean maybe
      She knows what I think and I don't have to say it
      I love her, so I don't have to play it
      We sit and drink in the sun
      I raise my glass and say she's the one
      Cool breeze, light squeeze, life 
      Take my advice, don't think twice
      Let me take you way down south 
      Step back, I'm about to get hectic
      Chalk it up as another dialectic
      Hard like a jam, smooth like a ballad
      Call it what you want, but I call it sound salad
      A salad grown in the garden of Eden
      Seekin' out pleasures like my boys in Sweden
      That's right, the groove's tight like
      Sit back, just relax, let your mind unwind
      Pull your good thing close, let tranquility surround
      Psychedelic freak out taco funk frolic
      Grind fiend roots 'core soul music what have you
      Step back and think about the topic of this song
      Strong innuendo, end over end goes your brain
      I won't say it's plain, figure it out, here's a clue
      It's about winding, grinding, finding that spot
      That get's her hot, the joy of giving pleasure
      Is beyond measure

      311 - Down South Música y Letra




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