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      Existential Hero

      Existential Hero


      Album: Stereolithic

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      311 - Existential Hero Música y Letra

      Whole world! From the high country to the bottom of the sea
      I caught a place that I needed to be
      it comes and it goes, the momentary glory
      then, quick as they came they’re down the drain
      another one coming from a shallow place will not remain
      remember when what was possible would never end
      now we abide by limits I cannot defend
      it fits good and yet the best we reject
      you get what you get I guess don’t get upset
      Where is that garden of eden
      under stars and the trees and
      and so far, so far from the heathens
      planets follow patterns, we fall into seasons
      flowing like a river we broaden and deepen 
      Hold on, before we are gone
      got lots to do but time with you
      keeps on sliding
      and I keep on blowing a fuse, there you go
      unseen, your face in the screen
      I feel your attention dividing
      but this is worth more than the news
      Prepare to bare all
      I paint the cave walls
      I am the hobbit 
      with the ring in the forrest
      I am the richest I am the poorest
      a particle I vibe I just keep dancin’
      I move from this world into a mansion
      of light and love as below and above
      I chart the planets and the whales migration
      I’m home everywhere I run the station
      the last light of a dying star
      in every game I am that wild card
      I participate I’m paleolithic
      and geology and astrophysics
      a true cowboy existential hero
      I compiled that deck and named it tarot
      I’m in play I want the ball
      I’m buddha with amnesia then sudden recall 
      Somehow I fell into it all again, it all again
      somehow I fell into it all again, it all makes sense
      somehow I fell into it all again, it all make sense
      somehow it was here all along

      311 - Existential Hero Música y Letra




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