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      No Promise

      No Promise

      Beenie Man

      Album: Concept of Life

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      Beenie Man - No Promise Música y Letra

      Cha, ha, ha 
      We need some more lovin' now 
      Not money (ooh, na, na, na, na)
      It's the most thing that do us part 
      We shall do bury it, yeah 
      Beanie Man and Jamelia (na, na, na)
      Jamaica, na, na 
      Dagga, dagga, da 
      Dagga, dagga
      (Chorus) Money don't say you love me 
      Cash won't make me stay
      I came here with my own things 
      And I can leave the same way 
      And if you really cared, babe
      You would spare your time (yagga, yagga, ya) 
      If you don't understand (woah) 
      You can't afford mine (can ya sing it?), no
      Ain't a prima donna 
      So I can't fall in love with material things (oh) 
      You need to offer
      More than chains and diamond rings 
      I need to know that 
      There's a place for me deep in your heart
      I don't give a damn (nah) 
      About your credit cards (so ya sing)
      (Repeat chorus)
      I must admit it 
      I was fine with your talk
      And your gifts in the start (check it out) 
      Now all that's wanted 
      Is to know I got your heart
      I have no idea (cha) 
      About where this is gonna go (yes) 
      I don't really care (oh, I) for your amount of dough (so, ah)
      (Repeat chorus) 
      So you think I've got a price tag on me
      Just a flash of the cash and you're all I see (all I see) 
      Well, let me tell you (tell you) something
      You couldn't be more wrong about me (oh)
      All your fancy cars, they just don't turn me on (turn me on)
      You got me wrong
      Make all the money (money that you can) that you can
      'Cos money don't make a good man
      Isn't a lie
      Will be your one and only
      Promise promise
      Money never get you crazy, yeah
      I know you flexing with some friend
      Whatta you sing, say 
      Money don't buy my love)
      Gotta me security
      Love are me only surety because
      (Money can't buy my love)
      Lemme sing again
      (Money can't buy my love)
      Lemme sing, say
      (Money can't buy my love)
      C'mon, ya frighten off justa
      The above look nice girl
      (Money can't buy my love)
      C'mon, all the hours for ya
      And the Benz and all ya drive cars
      (Money can't buy my love)
      You are the perfect art
      Me love you from start, girl
      (Money can't buy my love)
      Lemme sing again
      (Money can't buy my love)
      (Repeat chorus)
      Money can't buy my love
      Girl, you are the perfect art
      S'why me love you from the start
      Money can't buy my love (can't buy my love)
      Not that, not that, no, no, no (money can't buy my love)
      Can't buy my love
      Don't give me your cash
      My fees are yours
      Money can't buy my love
      Sing again
      Money can't buy my love..

      Beenie Man - No Promise Música y Letra




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