Mis Listas de Música
      1. Why Worry Album History Say

      2. Chatty Dub Album What a System

      3. I Will Album History Say

      4. A Little Lovin' Album Mystic Whisper

      5. Hot Fire Album Mystic Whisper

      6. Nah Forget Mi Roots Album Disturb The Devil

      7. Love Light Album Soon More

      8. New Old Song Album Mystic Whisper

      9. Halleluyah Album Mi an' Mi Guitar

      10. What a System Album What a System

      11. Hallelujah Album Disturb The Devil

      12. Working For The Man Album Mi Deh Yah

      13. Whose Game Is It Album Give and Take

      14. Why You Treat I So Album Vision

      15. Take Off the Mask Album Disturb The Devil

      16. Time Album History Say

      17. Goodness Album Goodness

      18. Lesson Two - Street Talk Album Faculty of Dub

      19. Crazy Like Me (Extended Version) Album Mystic Whisper

      20. Dub Your Song Album What a System

      21. Just a Dream Album Disturb The Devil

      22. Lesson Eight - Get Out Album Faculty of Dub

      23. Richman Poorman Album Mi an' Mi Guitar

      24. Blame Game Album Goodness

      25. Livin' Is an Art Album Vision

      26. Raised in the Jungle Album What a System

      27. Lesson Thirteen - Peace of Mind Album Faculty of Dub

      28. Blood for Blood Album Give and Take

      29. Gimme Some Album History Say

      30. Love Got Me Album Mystic Whisper

      31. Bellyfull Album Vision

      32. Raised in the Dub Album What a System

      33. Stop the Hate Album Give and Take

      34. Show We Some Love Album Give and Take

      35. Lesson Three - Wha Dat Album Faculty of Dub

      36. French Connection Album History Say

      37. History Say Album History Say

      38. See Dem Deh Album Give and Take

      39. Feel the Spirit Album Give and Take

      40. Have a Little Faith Outro Album Give and Take

      41. Freedom Album Goodness

      42. Merrily Album Heart and Soul

      43. This Morning Album Waiting

      44. Lesson Four - Ghost Album Faculty of Dub

      45. Lesson Six - Fight Back Album Faculty of Dub

      46. One More River Album Mi an' Mi Guitar

      47. Better Days Album Mi Deh Yah

      48. Another Day Album What a System

      49. Dutty Gun Album Vision

      50. Let It Grow Album Mystic Whisper

      51. We Shall Overcome Album Soon More

      52. Rock Your Dub Album What a System

      53. Rock Your Bones Album What a System

      54. Mystic Whisper Album Soon More

      55. Lesson One - Kingston Walk Album Faculty of Dub

      56. Stop Before You Go Album Heart and Soul

      57. Na Forget Mi Roots Album Soon More

      58. Lesson Fifteen - Sweetness Album Faculty of Dub

      59. Love's Knockin' Album Vision

      60. What a Dub Album What a System

      61. Just a Dream Album Mi an' Mi Guitar

      62. Conqueror Album Give and Take

      63. Uncle Freddy Album Mystic Whisper

      64. Together Again Album History Say

      65. Follow the Rainbow Album Heart and Soul

      66. Lesson Nine - Polluted Minds Album Faculty of Dub

      67. Jah Know His People Album Vision

      68. Dub Road Album What a System

      69. Wages of Love Album Give and Take

      70. Rocky Road Album What a System

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