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      Beautiful [feat. Bobby Brown]

      Beautiful [feat. Bobby Brown]

      Damian Marley

      Album: Welcome To Jamrock

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      Damian Marley - Beautiful [feat. Bobby Brown] Música y Letra

      [Verse 1]
      And me and she we trampoose a lot
      Several mornings she shampoos my locks
      Always have my back she stand true to dat
      Real type of loving, thank you for that
      Yow...run barefoot without no shoes and socks
      Cause she keep herself clean mi nah go catch no rash
      And she love me for real mi nuh haffi have no cash
      And any little thing from mi splish she splash
      Yow...all this blinging it's like you forgot
      Use cheddar as the bait den you recruit a rat
      So we listen couple speech of Martin Luther chat
      Dennis Brown, Bob Marley and some Super Cat
      Yow...seem like she upside the duko shop
      Cause she don't have a scratch it's only beautiful spot
      When one duty start is when one duty stop
      One nine to five, one five to twelve o'clock
      You see me
      [Chorus: Bobby Brown]
      Here we go again
      My love, you know
      I will never let you go
      My love
      Here we go
      [Verse 2]
      And I remember when we met and we began dating
      And everything was copacet' and we began mating
      And then the way mi love her good, she gimme don ratings
      Because mi style dem plentiful and ah nuh one way thing
      And she get belly full and ah nuh pot scrapings
      And the closer we become the more she gravitating
      Until we buckle down and there is no escaping
      Now it typically became an everyday thing
      Regularly, physically communicating sexually, scientifically penetrating
      Until she start spiritually resonating
      Ah so mi know she real and seh she ah nuh play thing
      She is the only Queen, the King is designating
      And so mi seal the deal I am negotiating
      I know it's kinda deep but keep on concentrating
      Cause Jazzy lay di beat and I am clearly stating
      [Verse 1 Repeats]
      [Verse 2 Repeats]

      Damian Marley - Beautiful [feat. Bobby Brown] Música y Letra



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