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      One In A Million

      One In A Million

      Half Pint

      Album: Essential Roots Anthology

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      Half Pint - One In A Million Música y Letra

      Something about you
      Makes me wanna keep on loving you
      When I'm without you
      I feel I need you back in my arms
      I get a sensation
      I feel whenever I'm around you
      You're my inspiration
      And I'm so glad I found you
      One in a million-baby you're the one
      One in a million-and you're second to none
      One in a million-a million to one
      You're one in a million
      When I first saw you
      I had a feeling right from the start
      In love I was falling
      You seemed to do things to my heart
      Your love and affection
      Is all I need to keep me satisfied
      You leave an impression
      Baby I never wanna leave you

      Half Pint - One In A Million Música y Letra



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