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      Anxious (Acoustic)

      Anxious (Acoustic)


      Album: Hirie

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      HIRIE - Anxious (Acoustic) Música y Letra

      Live your life today
      No worries about tomorrow
      You can’t deny yourself the feelings within
      Before you lose yourself in too much sorrow
      In your arms it felt secure
      Those times have washed away with the rain
      It used to take just your beautiful smile
      now let me go and then they’ll flourish again
      Please don’t hate me I never meant for this to happen
      It’s like something out of a fairytale
      And please don’t miss me Spreading like toxins through your body
      my luck was always regretfully too strong
      They say that Colorado girls we have a way with men
      We take the wrong ones and make them right again
      But when in life you cannot see beyond the bending in the road we take it slow
      or maybe just don’t go Can’t you live your life today,
      Forget my absense in your world tomorrow.
      Must I admit that I did you wrong…
      When I can write it in the form of this song?

      HIRIE - Anxious (Acoustic) Música y Letra



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