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      Chill Out

      Chill Out


      Album: Coastin'

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      Iration - Chill Out Música y Letra

      Chill Out
      Fist clenched I can see your blood boil
      Sweat-drenched dripping inner turmoil
      Likely to make another day turn
      Gotta make way cuz I only want good vibes
      Tough talk where's the sensitivity?
      Bad boy I see what you’re tryna be
      Wannabe outlaw reaching for your holster
      Over and over again
      Chill Out
      Be natural
      I wanna drink until your glass is full
      Sometimes you really have to move
      On on on and on
      Chill out
      If only I could make you see
      You could hear the melody
      You'd know that you gotta move on on on
      Grip tight hard for you to let go
      Caught up drowning in the undertow
      One slight just enough to let ‘em know
      You are out for blood, live walking disaster
      Your world, we could never understand
      Just another broad stroke in your master plan
      Short temper you're just a pretender
      Lying to yourself, lying to yourself

      Iration - Chill Out Música y Letra



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