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      Empire Medley

      Empire Medley

      Jah Vinci

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      Jah Vinci - Empire Medley Música y Letra

      [Chorus: Gaza Kim]
      From New York to Spain
      You  know the name
      Sunshine  and rain
      Somethings don't change
      Thinking about the days we were young
      We  were younger
      Empire,  we run the place
      From summer to summer
      [Verse 1: Blak Ryno]
      Hey  Notnice
      The gun weh we a fire
      That flop all Pastor Blair choir
      Any boy see the fire it affi fire
      Gaza  man mek any bad boy retire, mhm
      Bronx a fire something like a tall rocket
      Kick yuh from far, corner kick
      We evil, some cold hearted wicked man
      Rifle dem bat weh dem life like cricket match
      [Verse 2: Jah Vinci]
      Dem know mi eva roll deep neva 6 feet
      Enemy disappear like Gully Bop teeth
      Sing sweet, money run like track a athlete
      Start the vehicle, bagga gyal a cum, ask the back seat
      More Jah rise we a the more dem try fi fight we
      And to how mi thing a shot it need a permit and a license
      Mi nah fi fret because mi good just like the words dem inna the Bible
      We a the best, we beat the rest do you know we have the title
      [Verse 3: Lisa Hyper]
      This a the Gaza first lady
      Full up a finesse, full up a bravery
      Music sweet, lock down every street
      Ask the elder, youngsters and baby
      Mi a queen inna the pack, nuh joker nor jack
      This a nuh the Empire weh a show pon Fox
      We run the place nah talk bout tracks
      A nuh nu fiction them know seh a facts
      [Verse 4: Dosa Medicine]
      Big respect to Adidja di Teacha that show we the big picture, got to get bit richer
      Notnice wid di big bad riddims and the songs dem we sing and the rhymes them it is sicka
      Nuh matter weh we deh or which parish
      Could be in New York, could be in Paris
      Who a the greatest, you nah fi think of it
      Gaza the greatest and mi nah whisper it
      [Verse 5: Sheba]
      Gaza mi name, yeh bada than Zenna
      Mi name Sheba, mi daddy name Adidja
      We neva change yet although we a bleacha
      "Gyal a weh mi do yuh?" Yea dat a mi first feature
      Empire we great, we stand firm like di Giza
      Kartel di Pharaoh, Worl Boss ya di leader
      We nuh tek check, mastercard nor nuh visa
      We hot like a hell but still cold like a freezer

      Jah Vinci - Empire Medley Música y Letra



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