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      Natural Woman

      Natural Woman

      Kabaka Pyramid

      Album: Kontraband

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      Kabaka Pyramid - Natural Woman Música y Letra

      Natural woman, you are a queen
      No follow back a Babylon regime
      With dem bleaching cream
      All cause if dem squeaky clean, yeah
      Whether you natty or your hair plat of
      You nah put on no false hair, tell dem tear that off, yeah
      Cah you no wear that stuff
      Kabaka Pyramid a bless you nuff
      Natural woman, you are a sight to behold
      Beautiful inna whatever colour skin you got
      You nah fi bleach out everything you got
      And be everything you're not
      Natural woman, you are a sight to behold
      Glorious inna the hair weh you born with
      You nah fi cream that nor put on wig
      [Verse 1]
      Once again
      Cah when you step inna the street, you stand out
      Natural beauty weh you teach me about, yeah
      It's so funny fi see black people bleach
      And the white people dem 'pon the beach a tan out, yeah
      We living in this mixed-up world
      But you a keep it focused, cah your kids come first
      You a teach dem about self-worth
      Beauty is within, you haffi love yourself first
      [Verse 2]
      Listen me now
      You are a natural beauty, no matter who you are
      Could a brown, could a white, could a blacker than a tar
      Beauty, from you know who you are
      No bother do nothing too bizarre
      Natural beauty, nothing no need fi change
      No silicone nah go get you inna me range, yeah
      Huh, me say dem thing deh kind a strange
      We haffi tek it to a higher plane
      'Cause if you follow dem, you a go lose your soul
      No mek dem mek you lose control
      Know yourself, control yourself
      'Cause all the folly dem a do, a mek Rome a melt
      I see dem creaming and bleaching
      I'm screaming, I'm teaching the people the reasons fi keep it real
      But who cyaan hear, dem a go feel
      Truth Rastafari reveal
      Yeah, yeah yeah yeah
      Skibidibeng, yo

      Kabaka Pyramid - Natural Woman Música y Letra



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