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      Close My Eyes

      Close My Eyes


      Album: Shake Off The Dust... Arise

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      Matisyahu - Close My Eyes Música y Letra

      No matter where I am bless me with all your light,
      I'm on the train brain vexed connect and the I feel blessed
      Whether day or night I'm on the street midtown New York City
      Let me stop praise your name I need room to breath
      I want to feel your peace; I got to feel your ease
      Screaming' down on my, because my insides bleed
      My hearts on fire witnessed all the vampires
      Yes I came hear on a to inspire
      Close my eyes and take a ride inside
      Feel the breeze blow by yo I'm getting' you high
      Bob Nesta said it best everything will be all right
      Introspect connect the sect's and let this music make you fly
      I listened' to the wind whistle in a channel of sound
      my ear like a vacuum begin to boom
      glisten like the sun heats a drum,
      cursing' all of them doomed rising' up from the ground
      growing full like the moon
      Said I'm planting like a seed yes sir
      them get up and get up and grow and I'm firm like a tree,
      well I know that's all I know,
      that some their colors wonderful like it was a rainbow
      Let me tell you one time if you didn't know
      Moonlight enlighten my way at twilight
      from the heights of my roof I send praise then poof
      I'm looking up at the night
      and ask for help to get up and get up and get up and get up and get it right
      Jerusalem you take me high make me fly like arrow in the sky

      Matisyahu - Close My Eyes Música y Letra



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