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      Prodigal Son

      Prodigal Son

      Steel Pulse

      Album: The Island Anthology

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      Steel Pulse - Prodigal Son Música y Letra

      Woy! Desperation has return
      Sodom and Gomorrah no deh yah so!
      Woy desperation has return over yonder
      Sodom and Gomorrah no deh yah so!
      Wild one, you are like the Prodigal Son yeah
      And if you're the Prodigal Son, my friend
      Then you're the one, you
      Left taking your only possession
      Your culture
      To enter a world known for hacklings
      In abundance, yeah
      The hustlers of life
      Have hooked and drained you from the man
      Form the man that you used to be, turn your back on us
      Return Rastaman where you came from
      The land of your forefathers
      Reaching the gates with your two long hands
      Searching out for clean water
      Wild one...
      Prodigal come forth and rejoice with your voice
      To the heavens
      Chant some song, chant some song
      Prodigal come forth and repent
      Rastafari sins forgiven
      Woy! Desperation has return...
      One has returned without one's soul
      And has squandered all his possessions
      Let us cleanse your body now
      From your service to the swine, because
      You've been dead and now to anoint your head
      With wisdom, knowledge and overstanding
      A lesson has been taught unto you my friend
      Time for a feast and rejoicing
      Wild one...
      Woy! Desperation has return
      Prodigal has returned to his culture
      Prodigal has returned give him water
      Prodigal has returned, has returned...

      Steel Pulse - Prodigal Son Música y Letra



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