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      Steel Pulse

      Album: The Island Anthology

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      Steel Pulse - Rumors Música y Letra

      Rings on your fingers
      Bells on my toe, yet I hear no music
      Shouldn't we be jangling to and fro oh!
      I hear no music
      Fortune teller please rub your crystal ball
      My love I gonna lose her
      Things seem to be hazy
      Good gosh is that my life oh
      Magician wave your wand
      Cause I'm feeling disarrayed yeh
      Rumours they were not true
      What they said about me to you no
      You always made mountains out of mole hills
      Yes you did
      News spread like wild fire
      If I could turn back the clock
      I would prove to you that
      I'm no two timer I'm no liar
      Since you've washed your hands off me yeh
      Off what I've got to offer
      Got to go back to the start
      Now that we are apart
      Love once true has now fallen through
      Over my face hangs a cloud
      Sad eyes filled with rain
      Pours down my body of drought
      Another lesson has been taught
      I stand alone and count my loss yeh
      So I've got to keep cool yeh
      Render my love and you refused it
      Got to keep cool render my love
      And you disapproved it
      Rumours they were no true
      What they said about me to you
      Got to keep cool.

      Steel Pulse - Rumors Música y Letra



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