Mis Listas de Música
      1. Haunted

      2. Tell Me Why

      3. Superman Album Contagious

      4. Larger Than Life Album Mecoustic

      5. The Other Half Album Challenges

      6. Grave Yard

      7. Human nature (Michael Jackson tribute) Album Contagious

      8. Just The Way You Are

      9. If It's Jah Will Album Mecoustic

      10. Special Occasion (feat. Whippa Demus) Album Love Situation

      11. One Drop Remix Album Love Situation

      12. System Set Album Mecoustic

      13. System Set (Willie Lynch Syndrome) Album Parables

      14. Something Strong Album Parables

      15. Burning Desire Album Love Situation

      16. I'll Be Your Friend Album Challenges

      17. Remember Me Album Healing

      18. It will come Album Contagious

      19. She's Royal Album The Best of Shashamane Reggae Dubplates

      20. Barber Chair Album Challenges

      21. Welding Skit Album Love Situation

      22. Black Mother Pray (feat. J. Riley) Album Mecoustic

      23. Beware Album Parables

      24. Why so much wickedness Album Contagious

      25. Save The Children Album Challenges

      26. She's Royal Album Parables

      27. I sight Album Contagious

      28. Family Tree Album Healing

      29. Love's contagious Album Contagious

      30. Love Created I Album Challenges

      31. Who Can Stand It Album Challenges

      32. Crossfire Album The Best of Shashamane Reggae Dubplates

      33. 1 2 3 I Love You Album Love Situation

      34. Mid Nite Hr Album The Best of Shashamane Reggae Dubplates

      35. Marcus Garvey Album Mecoustic

      36. Family (feat. Della Manley) Album Parables

      37. One Two Order Album Mecoustic

      38. King Selassie H.I.M. Album Contagious

      39. Lost For Words (Speechless) Album Love Situation

      40. Five Days (feat. Big Youth & Mr. Cheeks) Album Love Situation

      41. Herbs promotion (featuring Demarco - Vybz Kartel) Album Contagious

      42. Sail Away (Stepping Out) [feat. U Roy] Album Love Situation

      43. Take Me Higher Album Challenges

      44. Cum Get Your Ish Album Love Situation

      45. Don't judge Album Contagious

      46. One Two Order Album Parables

      47. Good girl gone bad (featuring Konshens) Album Contagious

      48. Eye Sight Album Mecoustic

      49. Paradise Album Mecoustic

      50. Babylon Warfare Album Healing

      51. Dont Know What to Do Album The Best of Shashamane Reggae Dubplates

      52. My Fire Album Healing

      53. My Baby (Cyan Sleep) Album Parables

      54. Let Love Live (feat. Duane Stephenson) Album Parables

      55. Let peace reign (featuring Etana - Duane Stephenson) Album Contagious

      56. Version of Love (My Story) Album Love Situation

      57. Stop watch Album Contagious

      58. Sorry Is a Sorry Word (Ras Sound Dubplate) Album The Best of Shashamane Reggae Dubplates

      59. Larger Than Life Album Challenges

      60. Blessings Album Healing

      61. She's Royal Album Mecoustic

      62. Parables Album Parables

      63. All Is Vanity Album Challenges

      64. Young heart Album Contagious

      65. The Week-Weak Album Healing

      66. Africa Awaits Album Mecoustic

      67. Healing Album Healing

      68. Haunt You Album Parables

      69. Cry No More (feat. Dean Fraser) Album Love Situation

      70. We Run It (Ras Sound Dubplate) Album The Best of Shashamane Reggae Dubplates

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