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      World Of Uncertainty

      World Of Uncertainty

      Third World

      Album: Greatest Hits

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      Third World - World Of Uncertainty Música y Letra

      There's trouble on every doorstep, no
      wonder people close their doors
      There's so much worry on everybody's mind
      'til they can't take anymore
      There's heartbreak on every corner, so
      people want to shut their eyes
      I'm only someone in an ocean of someones,
      but I think we have got to try
      We're living in a world of uncertainty
      And we've got to make the most of our time
      (but) Where love is concerned there's one
      If you lose heart you can have this heart of mine
      Sometimes I look out of my window and I see
      the world as it is in my dreams
      I feel the love that's in everybody's heart,
      things aren't as bad as they seem
      I know what it's like to be afraid to make a move
      Because you've heard the odds are never on your side
      I know how it feels to need somebody to be closer to
      You need love to get through
      (while you're... Chorus)

      Third World - World Of Uncertainty Música y Letra



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