Mis Listas de Música
      1. 54 46 Was My Number

      2. Man Of The World

      3. Time Tough Album Don't trouble

      4. Bam Bam Album Time tough

      5. African Doctor Album Pressure Drop

      6. Peace Perfect Peace Album Reggae Greats

      7. Funk Kingston Album A Reggae Collection

      8. Revival Reggae Album A Reggae Collection

      9. Having A Party Album Don't trouble

      10. Pressure Drop Album Toots Live

      11. Bam Bam [Single 1966] Album That's my number

      12. Inside, Outside Album Pass the pipe

      13. Hallelujah [Live] Album Time tough

      14. Oh Yeah Album Bla.Bla.Bla

      15. Never Get Weary Album Knock Out!

      16. (I've Got) Dreams To Remember Album Time tough

      17. Dr. lester Album 20 massive hits

      18. Monkey Man Album A Reggae Collection

      19. Revolution Album Pressure Drop

      20. Redemption song Album Broadway jungle

      21. Monkey Man Album Monkey man

      22. Revival Reggae Album Monkey man

      23. Hard To Handle Album Time tough

      24. Aldina Album The very best of

      25. Funky kingston Album Broadway jungle

      26. She Will Never Let Me Down Album Ska to Reggae

      27. Gee Wiz Album Just like that

      28. You Know Album Time tough

      29. Pomps and Pride Album Time tough

      30. Time Tough Album A Reggae Collection

      31. Four Seasons (Version uno) Album Never grow old

      32. When I laugh Album Sweet and dandy

      33. Love Gonna Walk Out On Me Album True Love

      34. Got To Be There Album In The Dark

      35. My New Name Album Ska to Reggae

      36. Cincuenta y cuatro cuarenta y seis Was My Number Album True Love

      37. Monkey man Album Reggae Greats

      38. I Know Album Ska to Reggae

      39. Israel Children Album Just like that

      40. More and more Album The world is turning

      41. Are You Mine Album Never grow old

      42. Pomps and pride Album The very best of

      43. One Eye Enos Album Bla.Bla.Bla

      44. Know Me Good Album From the Roots

      45. Monkey Girl Album Pressure Drop

      46. Struggle Album Don't trouble

      47. Scare Him Album Bla.Bla.Bla

      48. Hold On Album Bla.Bla.Bla

      49. It was written down Album Sweet and dandy

      50. The Right and the Wrong Way Album Ska father

      51. That's My Number Album Toots Live

      52. Gone with the Wind Album Just like that

      53. What's On Your Mind (take 1) Album Ska to Reggae

      54. We Shall Overcome Album That's my number

      55. His Songs Live On (Tribute To Bob Marley) Album Hour live

      56. Bam bam Album Sweet and dandy

      57. Our father Album The world is turning

      58. Johnny Coolman Album Don't trouble

      59. Time Tough (Live) Album Live in london

      60. I See You Album In The Dark

      61. One eye enos Album Broadway jungle

      62. Gonna Need Somebody Album Monkey man

      63. Pressure drop Album The very best of

      64. So Bad Album Reggae got soul

      65. Cincuenta y cuatro - cuarenta y seis (That's My Number) Album Reggae Greats

      66. Rythm Down Low Album Pass the pipe

      67. Two Time Album Knock Out!

      68. Will You Be Kind Album Knock Out!

      69. African Doctor Album Monkey man

      70. Nine O'Clock Album From the Roots

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