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      1. Zungguzungguguzungguzeng Album Chronic

      2. Bam Bam Album Bad Boy Skanking

      3. Deliver Us Album A Man You Want

      4. 2 To 6 Super Mix Album Life In The Ghetto

      5. I Need A Girl Album Fantastic Yellowman

      6. Lovers Take Over Album King Mellow Yellow Meets Yellowman

      7. Why Dem A Fight Album Jack Sprat

      8. Wha dat Album A Jamaican Collection

      9. Galster Album Good Sex Guide

      10. Bam Bam Album King Mellow Yellow Meets Yellowman

      11. Operation Radication Album Operation Radication

      12. One God Album A Man You Want

      13. Strong Me Strong Album King Yellowman

      14. Don't Call Me Daddy Album Chronic

      15. Couchie Album One In A Million

      16. Carry Me Home Album Confessions

      17. Galong Galong Galong Album Reggae Get The Grammy

      18. Cocky Did a Hurt Me Album Mister Yellowman

      19. Blueberry Hill Album Greensleeves Most Wanted

      20. No Get Nuthin Album Yellow Like Cheese

      21. Donate Money Album Fantastic Yellowman

      22. Reggae On Top Album Best Of Yellowman

      23. Come Back to Jamaica Album Going To The Chapel

      24. Mi Believe Summer Holiday Album King Yellowman

      25. Yellowman Getting Married Album Mister Yellowman

      26. Party Album RAS Portraits

      27. Starting All Over Again Album King Of The Dance Hall

      28. Even Tide Fire Album Operation Radication

      29. Gun Man Album Them A Mad Over Me

      30. African Christmas Album A Very Very Yellow Christmas

      31. Ease Up President Botha Album Rides Again

      32. Body Move Album Greensleeves Most Wanted

      33. Spanish Girl Album New York

      34. Hotter Reggae Album Life In The Ghetto

      35. Just Cool Album Sings The Blues

      36. Prayer Album RAS Portraits

      37. Guantanamera Album Prayer

      38. Bim & Bam Album Operation Radication

      39. Hotter Reggae Album Jack Sprat

      40. If You Should Lose Me You'll Lose A Good Thing Album King Yellowman

      41. Ready Fe Them Album Going To The Chapel

      42. Still Be a Lady Girls Can't Do What the Guys Do Album King Yellowman

      43. Love Album Murderah Style

      44. Build A Roof Over Your Head Album Just Cool

      45. Where Is Santa Claus Album Greensleeves Most Wanted

      46. Amen Album Going To The Chapel

      47. Maxi Taxi Album Stone Wall Rambo

      48. Girlfriend Album Prayer

      49. Reggae Calypso Album King Yellowman

      50. Starting All Over Again Album Monkey Time

      51. Can't Tek Mi Bossman Album Confessions

      52. Just Cool Album Murderah Style

      53. Youthman Promotion Album Jack Sprat

      54. Dancehall Album RAS Portraits

      55. Two to Six Supermix Album Mister Yellowman

      56. The Girls Just a Rush Me Album Saturday Night

      57. Go Go Bell Album Good Sex Guide

      58. Jamaica Nice Album A Jamaican Collection

      59. Blow Saxophone Album Galong Galong Galong

      60. Having A Party Album Mi Hot

      61. Oh we sea cruise Album A Jamaican Collection

      62. Wife and Sweetheart A Friend Album King Mellow Yellow Meets Yellowman

      63. African Drum Album Freedom Of Speech

      64. Dancehall Album This Is Crucial Reggae

      65. Yellow In cheese Album Kings Of Reggae

      66. Blow Saxophone Album Reggae Get The Grammy

      67. In the Army Album Rides Again

      68. Love Album Rambo

      69. 11+ 11 Album Operation Radication

      70. A Yellowman Dem Want Album Saturday Night

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